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Designed in collaboration with Austrian lighting companyZumtobel, the eL Masterpiece measures a statuesque nine feet long by almost 3 feet in diameter, and it weighs in at a massive 350 pounds! While the stainless steel exterior features Libeskind’s signature jagged geometric design cues, the interior also dazzles with 23 carat gold-plated leaf.

eL Masterpiece is more than just a shiny chandelier – during the design process, Libeskind called in his son, an astrophysicist, to help create a narrative of evolution and change within the structure. The narrative is based on the Big Bang theory, which the sculptural chandelier seeks to emulate through changing colors and angular expanding forms.

The design plays a simulation of the 14 billion year process with LED lights in 14 second loops. Each light represents a tiny mass in space, warmly projecting the colors onto the surrounding environment. The chandelier glows as it represents the history of the universe – and it’s sure to command the attention of any room.

+ Daniel Libeskind

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