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Situated along 2,460 feet of lush shoreline, Reflections is Libeskind’s first residential project in Asia.  The six residential towers are linked by sky bridges that not only connect the buildings, but provide green park space for the residents to enjoy along with stellar views of the bay. The sky bridges are sheltered by the bridges above them, creating an indoor-outdoor space complete with trees, benches and lawns. Three of the towers are made up of 24 stories of apartments, each paired with the three 41 storey towers that seem to twist toward each other. The glass and anondized aluminum frame towers seem weightless, coming to angular points in true Libeskind style.

Each tower is topped with large open air gardens, shielded by latticed steel frames. The gardens cascade over each of the top levels of the towers, creating large diamonds of greenery capping off the spires. The grounds around the towers are planted thickly with trees and vegetation, opening to a luxurious central swimming pool area. At night, residents can gather under the glow of LED lights and take moonlit dips in the pool.

The name Reflections is derived from the glittering nature of each tower, and how it reflects the sky, nature and water from the nearby marina casting blues and greens over the buildings throughout the day. The lower villas link to the harbor, giving both the tower residents and villa residents gorgeous views of the marina and the nearby golf course.

The buildings in Keppel Bay development community are known for being sustainable luxury towers that leave minimal impact on the environment.  Energy saving green technology, low capacity water systems, LED lights, carbon monoxide sensors and solar panels helps keep the residences energy efficient. Precautions and systems were also created to protect the bay from sewage, and recycling for both construction and on site were taken into consideration as well.

The luxurious complex will open on March 22, 2012, creating 1,129 new units of green luxury living for the neighborhood.

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