When you flirt with the Dark Side, bad things can happen; lava burns you, offspring return to kill you, and giant space cephalopods attack your ships. In a massive tentacled disturbance in the Force, Iain Heath constructed a giant LEGO kraken to entwine a model of Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer. The stellar squid began as a suggestion from his boss, and it now has a permanent home at the Seattle offices of Tableau Software.

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The idea for the KR-KN began when Heath’s boss and fellow LEGO aficionado, Chris Stolte left him a box containing a Lego kit for the Super Star Destroyer. For the past year, the product release that his company had been focused on was dubbed “Kraken”. The Super Star Destroyer itself is already sizable at 50 inches long and eight pounds. Tack on a big squid, and the whole assembly is a truly an impressive piece to behold. In addition to being a stunning accomplishment of Lego mastery, the KR-KN has its own compelling Star Wars backstory:

“After the death of the Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader, the Empire made a last ditch attempt to thwart their enemies by rushing to complete their fleet of Venator class super star destroyers. However, by the time these vessels could be deployed, the Rebel Alliance had already developed its own super weapon, designation KR-KN.

The Legend of the KR-KN: A rare species of Space Kraken, known to exist only in the vast Dreighton Nebula, were sought out using the the Jedi’s most powerful clairvoyants, and brought under the Alliance’s control by flying super-computers directly into their brains. Many brave Ewok pilots were unwillingly sacrificed to accomplish this difficult task. Far from being cruel to the Kraken, this arrangement was completely symbiotic, as the creatures had evolved to prey on starships, their diet being composed entirely of metals such as quadanium steel.”

First debuted at the 2013 Emerald City Comicon, the Rebel’s secret weapon in now happily gobbling spacecraft in Fremont, Seattle.

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