As part of interior design, lighting serves a greater purpose than illumination alone. Fixtures set the tone of a room and work as a central element in the theme. Graypants Studio, with offices in Seattle and Amsterdam, takes the look of its lighting products seriously while placing a focus on producing them sustainably.

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A person in an office sits at a table constructing a lighting fixture.

The studio’s newest release, Dash Linear, is a high-performance lighting option for newly-created home-work spaces, home additions or upgraded kitchens. Dash Linear is the latest installment in Graypants’ Scraplight series, an appropriate name considering they are made out of recycled and virgin cardboard.

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A wicker lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room.

It may seem counterintuitive to make lighting out of paper, but the team at Graypants is dedicated to marrying modern and minimalist designs with technical function while maintaining a low carbon footprint. To this end, Dash Linear is handmade using a low-impact manufacturing process that includes zero-VOC adhesive and limited material waste. 

Lighting fixtures above two wood desks in an office space.

Dash Linear is currently available across North America and offered in three finishes — natural, white and blonde. Recycled cardboard is used for the natural Dash, while virgin corrugated cardboard is used for the white and blonde options. There are height and length options, as well as differing brightness levels for a custom feel over a desk or other workstation. Available lengths are 48 or 93 inches. Height options range from 4 to 12 inches.

A lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling.

While lit, Dash Linear relies on energy-efficient LED modules and can offer direct or uniform lighting. The flagship Scraplight line also includes table lamp options made from recycled materials and mounted on a brass base. Graypants Studio also creates pendant lamps in a variety of shapes and finishes. 

A close-up of the top of the lighting fixture.

Graypants explains that the studio “was founded as an opportunity to apply an architectural mindset to product design and art—enhancing space and enriching experiences. Graypants’ work, rooted in light-minded design, includes architecture, product design, art installation and exhibition, and fixture design.” 

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