It’s something that could happen to us all – accruing so many USB-bound gadgets that there’s no way to keep them all charged. They clutter the desk and drawers, constantly vying for attention from the laptop, which is plugged into an outlet, which supplies a current, which despite PG&E’s best intentions has a long way to go before it’s clean and green. This trusty hand-cranked superbattery stands in where the grid falls short, instantly providing any USB gizmo with a renewable energy source – one embedded deep within your biceps.

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Today’s crop of cameras, cellphones, and ipods are all linked by a common thread. The odds are that if it deals in data, then it likely has a USB port. Even if it doesn’t, pair it with these USBCELL Batteries and you’ve got a sustainable power source for any battery-bound gadget.

Applications abound: camera and iPod toting globetrotters can now reap the benefits of digital without worrying about converters or tapping into an energy grid. In emergency situations it provides a reliable flashlight. Your cellphone will never lose juice again. It will even store power thanks to its built in battery, and if you really want to, you could charge it overnight with the included AC adapter. Not me though; I draw the line at charging a charger.

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