You know the world has gone mad when we have to build a monument to all the species that have gone extinct! David Adjaye‘s monumental observatory and memorial to extinct species just broke ground on the Isle of Portland, England. The mountain-like Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory (MEMO) will house an exhibition and provide information on the 860 species that have been reported extinct since the demise of the dodo in the 17th century.

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The $46 million stone spiral will rise to a height of 98 feet, and it will include an observatory overlooking Bowers Quarry, one of the largest active stone quarries in England. The proximity of the quarry and the surrounding landscape prompted Adjaye to use stone as the main material for the building.

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MEMO is expected to “draw attention to the natural beauty and craftsmanship of Portland,” and revitalize the quarry area. Images representing extinct species will be carved into its cave-like interior walls. A special bell located inside the building will toll to mark any future extinction.

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