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Located on a 28 x 89 foot lot on the Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, the narrow home takes advantage of the entire lot. The three story, four bedroom home relies on natural ventilation and sea breezes for cooling. The structural system of recycled content steel beams and columns eliminates the need for interior load bearing walls and hallways provide views of the ocean all the way across the house. The exterior walls are made from 6-inch thick prefabricated industrial refrigeration walls installed by 2 men who lock the panels into place. No wood was used for framing or the structure and these 30 x 30 in prefab panels totally eliminated any waste and has an R-value of 48 for increased insulation.

The stairway is used as a chimney to help draw air up and out of the house, while skylights on the roof pull in natural daylighting inside. Aluminum louvers on the west side help shade the home from the afternoon sun while still allowing for views. A photovoltaic system on the roof with 14 panels provides 2.8 kW of power for the home, while solar hot water heaters provide hot water for hydronic heating and domestic hot water. Materials, like the concrete floors and aluminum exterior were chosen for their durability, longevity and need for little maintenance.

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