Artist David Mach has found an alternative use for all those coat hangers hanging in our closets, by turning them into enormous life-like sculptures like this giant gorilla seen above. Dubbed King Silver, the silver-back stood frozen in time beating his chest while towering over viewers at the entrance of last month’s V&A exhibition ‘Power of Making’. A breathtaking welcome to the simple gallery space, King Silver prompted most visitors to stop and take a closer look at the bundles of coat hangers that formed the awesome (and rather frightening!) figure.

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In addition to coat hangers, the Turner Prize-nominated artist uses match-heads to create interpretive collages. His current exhibition Precious Light – featuring a dramatic depiction of the crucifixion at Calvary – opened in August with a performance by Mach burning a devil’s head sculpture made from 1,000 matches.

This “explosive” exhibition ends in Edinburgh’s City Art Center this week.

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