The original swiss army knife is an essential tool for many of us, and now David Suhami has created a revamped version of the ubiquitous pocket-gadget with a unique and amusing twist. Each element of Suhami’s version the multi-tool comprises a different part of a jungle animal! Contained within the cool gadget lies silhouettes in the form of a Rhino, Giraffe, or an Antelope, making the knife its very own miniature jungle safari.

David Suhami, animal pocket knife, swiss army knife, animal design, green gadgets, sustainable accessories

Surprisingly the design can create up to 81 different combinations of animals, each one a creature-shaped tool with a functional purpose. Suhami, a student at the Industrial Design at Shenkar College of Engineering & Design in Tel Aviv, has retained an element of traditional craft by making the pocket tool from simple Stainless Steel and fine Tabebuia wood.

Via Sinbaddesign

Images courtesy of David Suhami