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Anthropocene, David Thomas Smith, human impact, art, eco art, aerial images, satellite images, digital rug

Anthropocene is a term used to describe the era in which modern man has made an impact on the earth. While it’s not an official term in the field of geology, there’s no denying that we’ve put our big fat footprint on the planet. David Thomas Smith’s new exhibit by explores this impact from the lens of a kaleidoscopic satellite. The Dublin-based artist re-envisions parts of the earth by carefully arranging aerial images. He also takes lessons from Persian weavers and rug makers to create symmetrical images.

David Thomas Smith’s series focuses on areas affected by the global economy, industrialization, mining and other human activities. Anthropocene explores Las Vegas, the Beijing International Airport, the Mall of America, Silicon Valley, Dubai, Three Mile Island, Three Gorges Dam and beyond. It’s one thing to see these huge man-made sites, but it’s another to see them repeated in a dizzying array. Anthropocene is on display at The Copper House Gallery in Dublin through April 16th, and you can also purchase prints online.

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Images ©David Thomas Smith