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David Trubridge‘s Light Rain is currently featured at this year’s Wanted Design exhibit as part of New York Design Week. The light installation consists of a sweeping cascade of LED lights adorned with numerous handcrafted Swarovski crystals that were specially cut for Trubridge’s design.

The installation expresses the natural elements that have found their way into various facets of Trubridge’s work over the years. Speaking about Light Rain, Trubridge said: “The installation is a quietly contemplative space, encouraging reflection on the vital role of the elements. The basis of all life on Earth is the eternal cycle of water: evaporated from the oceans by the fire of the Sun, it is carried in the air to the mountains where it falls on the Earth as rain, running back to the ocean in rivers.”

Beautiful and ethereal, Light Rain certainly managed to create a space of respite amidst the bustle of Wanted Design. You can see more of David Trubridge’s designs on Inhabitat here.

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