With daylight savings time just around the corner, the temptation to simply turn back time is certainly an alluring one. Who wants to lose an hour of sleep, particularly on a chilly Sunday morning, when there are so many winks to still savor. For all of you sleepyheads and music lovers out there, The Grateful Thread’s recycled vinyl wall clocks will make you feel as if time is in your hands with these very cool, retro albums re-fashioned as custom-designed wall pieces.

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We loved The Grateful Thread’s rockin’ Guitar Softies featured on Inhabitots, but their wall clocks really make a statement when it comes to bold and graphic time management. Crafted from old record stock that the UK-based designers customize for interior décor accents, the two versions come in either 7” or 12” vintage label discs. The clock hands are crafted out of plastic, and the minute hand is cut to mimic a record player stylus. These one-of-a-kind clocks are simple to wind and install due to the easily accessible mechanism at the back and the simple loop hook for hanging.

Whether or not you believe that daylight savings time is truly an energy-saver is something that you will have to sort out in your own household, but in the interim, consider recycling some old discs and cast-off vinyl for an ‘oldies turned new’ spin on record bin chic.

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