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The STGM head office is located in in the Beauport borough of Quebec City, in the near vicinity of the Estimauville eco-neighborhood. Its monolithic volume is both simple and dynamic and creates an interesting interplay of solids and voids. It houses large open-plan work areas, closed offices, conference rooms and various meeting and rest areas. The interior is bathed in natural light thanks to large windows placed on all four sides of the building.

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As far as sustainability goes, the building is a true amalgam of different energy- and water-efficient strategies. The structure is based on a system of prefabricated small-sized trusses and joists which allow for wide spans of up to 14 meters between posts. The consumption ofdrinking water was reduced through the use of water-savingaccessories such as low-flow faucets and shower heads, and rainwater to flush the toilets.

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Innovative thermal design and recuperation of the building’s internal heat curb the energy demand, and are aided by a solar wall erected on the south-west façade of the building which helps preheat fresh air. Furniture from the company’s old offices was salvaged and integrated into the new project, while the interior uses wood salvaged from old houses in the area.The south facing terrace functions as a rest area dominated by maintenance-free greenery, which includes edible plants such as raspberries, lilies and serviceberries.

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Photos by Stephane Groleau