007 likes his cocktails shaken, not stirred, but the innovative Porthole creates flavorful cocktails through cold infusion while acting as the main centerpiece in any setting. Originally designed as a custom piece by Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail for the Aviary, a cutting-edge contemporary cocktail lounge in Chicago, the Porthole quickly grew a following. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, the Porthole continues to be enjoyed around the world.

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The infusion process begins with placing the ingredients in between the two pieces of flat glass inside the metal frame. The vessel is held together by a single screw and after combining the ingredients together, the recipe begins to infuse over time.

The concept for the design emerged from the chefs’ desire to show the evolution of a drink to enhance the cocktail experience. The vessel not only had to show the process of the flavors but also be visually stunning. Instead of savoring a large cocktail, the Nip tumblers, also created by Crucial Detail, accessorize the Porthole so that guests drink quickly, socialize, order a new drink, and drink again. The vessel presents an exciting way to enjoy a variety of cocktails and recipes.

Although the Porthole is most commonly known for its use in unique cocktail recipes, it can also create equally delicious syrups, oils, juices, coffee, and teas. This elegant vessel allows the chef at home to enhance the flavor in their favorite recipes.

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