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cupola, netherlands, eindhoven, glow, luminarie de cagna, led, lights, anton philips Photo by Flickr user Jos Dielis

There are few things more beautiful than a dazzling light display – unless the glowing sight is energy-efficient as well! Founded back in the 1930’s, Luminarie de Cagna lit buildings for festivals with oil and carbide lamps for decades. After making the switch to electric lights, the group decided to use LEDs exclusively in 2006. Last year at the Glow festival in Eindhoven, the family dazzled onlookers with Cupola, a cage of multi-colored lights that surrounded a bronze statue of Anton Philips erected in 1951. Luminarie de Cagna’s luminous creations are made using strings and nets of LEDs, and they’re sought all throughout Europe, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

This year’s Glow festival will be held from November 10-17, and if the Cupola is any indication, it’s sure to be a brilliant event!

Via My Modern Metropolis

Lead photo by Flickr user Truus, Bob & Jan from Holland