Trained in architecture, ceramics, and interior design, Daisuke Hiraiwa‘s talents clearly shine in his sculptural “A Cloudy Day” lampshade crafted from metallic scouring pads. By using ordinary pot scrubbers, Hiraiwa is celebrating the simple brilliance of the metal material by joining them in a pillowy form around a LED light source. The repurposed small tufts of steel are elegantly joined together to resemble the sun poking out from behind a storm cloud. A finalist in our Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition, show your support for the stunning design by voting for it here.


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Although the light is primarily an artistic statement, the design also considers safety. Since LED bulbs do not generate the amount of heat that other light technologies produce, the steel scrubber will never get too hot to touch.

Hiraiwa is of Japanese origin, but moved to London in 2006 where he runs g.+ (gdotplus) studio. The studio specializes in sculptural ceramic works, as well as lighting and interior design.

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