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De Smet Vermeulen Architecten wanted the new structure to reference the original house, and so the main material chosen was sustainable timber. The timber frame and cladding was topped with a slanted roof made from corrugated metal. The roof naturally diverts rain, and also overhangs to provide a shady space for thefamily’s chickensto rest. Sections of the timber cladding have been painted red to connect the new structure with the main house.

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Inside of thefunctional guest house, each of the spaces is accessed by a separate entrance, with no innerconnecting spaces. This creates a differentiation for each space, making each feel separate, instead of a unified house. The hobby room is lined with oversized windows which provide natural light, while the music room is lined with concrete, which not only soundproofs but naturally insulates. In winter, the space is heated with a small wood burning stove which warms the structure.

In addition to these new functional spaces, the structure features small sleeping alcoves in its attic, accessible by ladders for overnight guests and family friends.

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