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The groups see the project as a way of creating opportunities for the community to come together, supporting social inclusion. And by the look of their photo gallery they are already enjoying the open spaces, which are being landscaped for planting and educating children about seeds.

One of the groups commissioned for the project is the Rotterdam-based art collective Observatorium. Esterni has requested a special garden proposal for Cascina Cuccagna which will be submitted by the dutch team for approval by Consorzio Cascina Cuccagna. The artists will bring a new element to the garden that will work alongside the public space, perhaps in the form of a sculpture or contemplative area.

To put the whole project into action the Cuccagna organizers are appealing for public financial support and have so far reached half their target of 3.5 million euros.

+ Cascina Cuccagna

+ Observatorium

Images courtesy of Cascina Cuccagna

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