In the recent Design Within Reach newsletter, DWR founder Rob Forbes called trees the “grace notes” of urbanization. It seems paradoxical, since in most cities, trees preceded the buildings and roads. Nevertheless, it’s an elegant characterization; no matter how impressive a great urban building, it’s the trees and landscaping around it that complete our experience there.

For 25 years, the non-profit Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) has been making sure that San Francisco Bay Area residents have an abundance of healthy trees filling their streets and parks. In celebration of their anniversary, DWR will host a fundraiser this week at their Fillmore studio in San Francisco. FUF Executive Director, Kelly Quirke, will be giving a presentation on the organization’s many successful volunteer programs and environmental improvement efforts.

In addition, the event will feature special guest Walter Hood, the preeminent Oakland-based landscape architect and UC Berkeley professor responsible for the landscape design for the new De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, whose presentation is guaranteed to inspire.

If you’re in or around SF, clear your calendars for the night of April 20 from 7-9pm.

For those of you who are not in the SF area, and want to know how to get involved in a similar organization in your hometown, there’s National Alliance for Community Trees. Their website lists names, contact info and websites of similar organizations across the nation.
+ Design Within Reach
+ Friends of the Urban Forest
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