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Faced with a lifeless space, Naf might have gutted the entire interior of this strange Japanese home. Instead, saving energy and materials, the self-styled design team inserted a gorgeous wooden box that creates an entryway to the client’s chiropractic home office and the living room. Situated in the nucleus of the house, it also directs traffic flow to the other levels and rooms.

Spaces between the wooden slats permit voices to travel and ventilation without compromising air flow, while rooftop slats are wider, bringing ample daylighting into the entire home. High side windows on the sloping wall permit even more natural light, transforming a dull space into one that is airy and bright.

The existing basement has a concrete foundation and a garage, which the designer recognized to have ideal acoustic properties for a karaoke room. Which means this house is also an office, an entertainment center, and an inspiring example of the finest Japanese architecture.

+ Naf Architect and Design

Via Arch Daily

Photos © Toshiyuki Yano