We didn’t think food could get much fresher than when dishes are garnished with crisp herbs picked from your own garden – until we saw these cute lil’ planters from Woolly Pocket. The Dining Society (an LA-based band of local food lovers) recently had a summer feast at the home of Jaime Honkawa, who had the delectable gem of an idea to use her Woolly Pockets planted with heirloom lettuces, purple basil, fennel, cilantro and savory rosemary as delightful (and edible!) centerpieces. Not only did the verdant pockets serve as easy and effective table decor, they also added an interactive element to the meal, and guests had a blast “harvesting” their own choice of herbs to flavor their morsels with. Why not be a copycat and try a couple of your own edible centerpieces at your next shindig?

+ Woolly Pocket Freestanding Island