Australia bring us another good example of how beautiful both small and prefab can be. The deck_house, by noek_design, was officially launched at “Sydney in Bloom 05” as an outdoor experience environment. Not only does it make a great outdoor room, but this little shed would also be perfect for a guest room, office, or even a personal habitat, should you be so inclined. Measuring at 5.4 meters square, its tiny footprint is designed to contain little more than a double bed; however, an outdoor shower or kitchen can be accommodated into your plan. Additionally, the layout can be modularly expanded to fit your needs.

The philosophy at noek_design is simply to “relate to nature; let it speak, simplify, and reveal.” The inherent beauty in the use of sustainable materials easily comes through in the deck_house, with its clean detailing and Zen-like simplicity of plan and section. Components are pre-manufactured for quick assembly (three days!) and water storage tanks can be incorporated.

While the deck_house is fundamentally similar to the Modern Shed profiled back in August, its form and open design are more advantageous for making the most of your natural environment. Included with the purchase of your deck_house is consultation on landscape design and setting.

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