DesignJunction 2012 just kicked off at the London Design Festival and already there are tons of crazy-cool designs to sift through. Take this Occupy! Chair created by Dejana Kabiljo, a Vienna-based artist who likes to mix a little fetish into her artistic exploration of human behavior and politics. The chair looks like it offers about a thousand cup holders, by it’s really made from the springs of Yugoslavian military mattresses.

Kabiljo is represented at DesignJunction by the Marion Friedmann Gallery. There isn’t much information available about the point of view for this exhibit, except Kabiljo’s ongoing quest to create “simple things” for our complex times. Although we couldn’t find a direct link, the name of Kabiljo’s exhibit instantly brings to mind the Occupy Wall Street movement that recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Even though one is gold laquered, we can’t help but feel that the chair is itself a form of protest, reminding us that things are not what they seem, complacency is dangerous, and questioning our aesthetic and political demands on design.

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Photos by MagicandMafia for Inhabitat