A group of high school students in Wilmington, Delaware just completed a 112-foot Lego tower constructed from over 500,000 bricks that sets a new Guinness World Record for the world’s tallest free-standing LEGO tower. On Monday evening the team fitted the final piece, a fitting miniature Lego house, in front of the Guinness World Record Book representatives. The Wilmington tower eclipses the previous record holder, a Czech-built 106-foot, bricked rendition of the Prague tower.

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The build team from John Dickinson High School completed this astounding tower that stands about five stories high as part of Tower Fest. The LEGO tower, of course, couldn’t be supported by plastic nubs alone, so the builders stacked bricks around a large metal pipe as well as using lifts in the extremely tall build process.

Beyond the High School build team, this has been a summer-long academic project for students all over from the Red Clay Consolidated School District. Students from around the district have been involved in different facets for the project including talking to architects and engineers, learning about proportions and ratios using the brick—and also the economics of buying hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces.

Images © Red Clay Consolidated School District