Delfine Birdhouse, Birdhouse

Like dollhouses, birdhouses have a very gratifying aesthetic in the fact that every part is pared down. Where a human-scale house can be a lot to take in, the shape, angles and details of a birdhouse are available in a brief glance. Delfine Architects, based in Austria, created their Vogelhaus (“birdhouse” in German) using larch wood. Technically, it isn’t a birdhouse, like the Modern Birdhouses we featured in June but a bird feeder. The seed is poured in from the top and is well contained within the feeder to keep other animals from stealing the grub. The bar where the birds perch to eat is also paw-proof, to guarantee that this spot is for birds only.

Delfine is a true architecture firm – the birdhouse was simply a detail from a home they designed. You can buy it at their website, and also check out their other projects, including the Franz Liszt concert house. The site is in German only, though, so unless you speak Deutsch, you have to rely on Babelfish for partial translation.

Link: Delfine Architects