Australia’s first Passive House certified building will also be part of a new breed of zero carbon multi-story buildings that use wood as a central building component. Designed by Melbourne based Studio 505 and built by the progressive developer Grocon, the Delta building is aiming to be the greenest multi-story building in Australia.

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The project is part of a series of beautifully designed projects that includes the Pixel zero carbon building at the Carlton Brewery site in downtown Melbourne. The 50-unit residential tower will stand 10-12 stories tall atop a heritage bluestone building. The tower will be composed of prefabricated laminated FSC timbers that will be locally sourced.

The project’s carbon neutral design goes well beyond the materials used, and the building is also seeking Passive House certification, easily making it the most efficient building in the country. The building is aiming for a record-breaking 105 Green Star points as well — 100 from the base and 5 innovation points.

The tower’s construction and design is intimately connected with the new European model of large timber construction to Passive House standards. The super-efficient shell is highly insulated, meticulously airtight, and features super high-efficiency windows. This sharply reduces the size of the equipment needed to heat and cool the building. The highest-performing and most affordable Passive House projects in Europe have beenmulti-story family units like the Delta. Theprefabricated, componetized system will also make the building simpler to assemble on-site.

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