An exciting new concept car named the DeltaWing has just been invited by 24 Hours of Le Mans organizers The Automobile Club de l’Ouest to compete in the 2012 Endurance Challenge as an additional 56th entry. The 56th spot on the starting grid is reserved for a technologically innovative car to participate “outside the classifications,” meaning this is a vehicle that makes use of new applications and technologies. DeltaWing designer Ben Bowlby says, “The secret to the DeltaWing car is simplicity and efficiency.” The DeltaWing has only half the horsepower of other competitors, but its unique shape and light weight could prove to be a challenge to other cars on the circuit–and may even change racing forever. That’s because the DeltaWing has not only half the horsepower but also half the weight and half the drag of other cars in the Le Mans series. It also eliminates the ubiquitous rear wing by creating downforce using a contoured underbody.

Cars try to reduce weight all the time, but we can tell that this vehicle is serious based on the big names throwing their weight behind the project. DeltaWing Racing Cars LLC is partnering with All American Racers, owned by legendary race driver Dan Gurney, to build the new concept. Advising the group is Dr. Don Panoz, founder of the American Le Mans series. We can’t wait to see how the DeltaWing performs, and we suspect quite a few people in the Le Mans series are watching this one as well.

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Via Automotive Discovery