We all know what it is like to have a favorite pair of treasured jeans that are so comfortable and fit so perfectly that we want to wear them every day. The downside to this pure and beautiful jean-love is that too much wear leads to jeans wearing out – with telltale holes in the crotch and knees – and then before you know it, you have to either start patching, or search around far and wide to find another pair of jeans as great as your favorite. But now, thanks to Denim Therapy, there is a better solution! Denim Therapy offers an amazing (and very affordable) service to seamlessly repair all the threadbare patches, broken zippers, and holes in your favorite pair of jeans, and return them to a like-new state — without patches, seams or any indication that your jeans have been through the ringer and back!

Like most people, I had a favorite pair of jeans in my closet that was getting holey and threadbare, so I decided to check out Denim Therapy’s service for myself to see if they lived up to the hype…

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I have a pair of grey Del Forte jeans that I adore for their perfect, comfortable fit and go-with-anything shape. I practically live in these jeans, so when I accidentally ripped a hole in the crotch (due to a case of wider-than-usual pregnancy butt), I was bummed….would I have to give them up and search around for another brand new pair of $200 organic jeans that I would then have to break in all over again? Happily a friend told me about Denim Therapy right after my jeans had their little “accident” – and I am thrilled to say that Denim Therapy was my jean savior! They magically patched up the crotch hole with their signature seamless denim repair process (see above) – and now you literally cannot tell that there was ever a hole there at all!

I’m honestly not even sure exactly how Denim Therapy fixes such beyond-repair holes so craftily – but their services are amazing. They have to be seen to be believed. I think they might employ magic elves in their studio or something. Either that, or they somehow weave new denim fabric into your old, falling-apart fabric, and with a little bit of pixie-dust create a like-new garment. Whatever their secret, I highly recommend Denim Therapy as your first stop for wearing-out jeans. After all, it is so much more environmentally friendly (not to mention economical), to repair clothes rather than buy new ones, and when it comes to favorite pairs of jeans – you don’t want to give up on an old friend so quickly.

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