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China to Cut Single Use Plastics in Major Cities This Year


Celebrants walk the market, enjoying hot wine (over 2,200 liters according to one vendor) and a light show that is both modern and traditional. In one section a screen of LEDs lights up a Chinese lantern-lined walkway with exquisite designs from overhead, while in the pond, boats roam the water, lit up from within. In fact, various sources report that Walt Disney looked to Tivoli Marketfor ideas when designing Disneyland.

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Jesper Kongshaug, the chief lighting designer of the market, oversees the placement of the thousands of lights, as well as 11,000 trees and over 30,000 ornaments, according to Reuters. Kongshaug is a lighting designer working in opera, theater, ballet, architecture and TV.

Because daylight hours in Copenhagen are so few at this time of year, it gives market-goers an opportunity to enjoy the lights for much of their visit. “We want to give the visitors a spectacular light show,” Kongshaug said. Visitors can enjoy over 70 vendors offering everything from gifts to food, as well as rides like the Carousel, the Chinese Lantern and the Swing Carousel. Over a million tourists will visit the market through Christmas, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Scandinavia.

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Images via Skagen;;; Flickr/Jacob Surland and Marianne Pedersen