DIY cabin company Den recently released its newest flat-pack cabin kit. The Den Complete A-Frame Cabin kit costs just $21,000 and can be built by two to three people in about three days thanks to the company’s signature joinery system and custom guide.

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a-frame wood cabin in a forest

The best part? Because the pieces come with pre-drilled holes, there’s no heavy equipment required, so the whole project can be carried out by hand using simple tools. What’s more, the building kit includes everything down to the door hardware, and the materials are packed on the shipping pallet in construction order. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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two beds facing wall of glass inside a-frame wood cabin

“From an aesthetics and functional standpoint, this kit brings to bear all our knowledge and experience in cabin design,” said Mike Romanowicz of Den. “The Den Cabin Kit builds upon our learnings from launching a portfolio of other cabin designs that have garnered worldwide acclaim. We’ve included the features and materials we know our audience, customers, and the folks who sometimes rent these cabins love.” Unlike similar cabin kits that only provide pre-cut dimensional lumber and basic construction materials, Den cabins are cut with CNC precision and feature designs that slot together intuitively.

small wood end table between a bed and a white chair

Another important aspect to these cabins is their versatility. Because there are no nails used in construction, customers can easily take their cabins down and move them if they need to. Despite this semi-permanent nature, the cabins can still withstand the elements, as they are rated for four-season compatibility with thermally insulated floor and walls. Airbnb hosts and hospitality entrepreneurs can stand to benefit from the cabin kit, as well, due to its low labor costs, permit-friendliness and positive ROI impact.

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Currently, there are three exterior packages available: the dark blue Forest cabin with metal roof cladding, the off-white Coast cabin with cedar shingles and the snow-white Alpine cabin with a metal roof. Each Den Complete A-Frame Cabin has a 115-square-foot footprint with 110 square feet of usable space. The cabin stands 12 feet high. The 11-foot tall windows are thermally insulated with double-pane glass, and the kit also comes with a fresh air exchanger with an optional heat recovery ventilator.

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Photography by Brandon Schulman and rendering by Reyaz Alankandy via Den Outdoors

light glowing within a-frame wood cabin at dusk