Thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers, the new Washington Headquarters Office Complex at the Mark Center has just earned LEED Gold certification. The $1.03 billion Pentagon headquarters, designed by HKS Inc, is one of the federal government’s largest buildings to achieve Gold. The complex houses Department of Defense and commercial offices in Alexandria, Virginia.

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The two office towers, parking structures and main hub were built with sustainability in mind since breaking ground. The team recycled 90% of the construction waste, diverting over 6 million pounds of waste from local landfills. A high efficiency central chiller plant and demand controlled ventilation help the complex consume 30 percent less energy. Coupled with energy efficient LED fixtures with motion sensitive sensors that turn themselves off when rooms are unoccupied, the building remains energy efficient at all hours.

Low flow faucets, shower heads and plumbing fixtures help a 45 percent water reduction, which can equal 4.5 million gallons per year. The grounds are planted with native plants that do not require additional irrigation other than from collected storm water.

The hub level houses a visitor center and the Remote Inspection Facility, and is covered with a green roof to reduce solar gain. The hub level also has bio-swale for natural storm water filtering and living walls of native plants that line the parking garage.

The green complex was successfully completed under a tight budget, and ahead of schedule. Hopefully other governmental arms will take the Army Corps of Engineers’ lead to strive for environmental excellence for their headquarters.

+ Army Corps of Engineers
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