The Desertec Foundation, an international collaboration between politicians, businesses and scientists to develop sustainable energy resources, will continue to aid the Moroccan government in establishing solar power in the country. A memorandum was signed between the Desertec Foundation and the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE) to bolster its current plans to build a huge series of solar power plants in northern Morocco. The arrays will generate electricity for domestic markets and for Europe.

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Three years ago, the Desertec Foundation announced plans to build 100 GW of concentrating solar power plants throughout North Africa. The Moroccan government and the DESERTEC Foundation have joined forces in their efforts to create sustainable energy for North Africa and Europe. The new agreement strengthens existing agreements and helps to put the solar array projects on the fast-track to completion. The country has already begun building a 500MW plant centered in the city of Ouarzazate.

“Morocco is a not just a visionary in the region but also a successful pioneer in the global transition to renewables, where ADEREE plays a key role,” said director of the DESERTEC Foundation, Dr Thiemo Gropp. “We are very happy to support their work in this context.”


Via Clean Technica