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Power House is a symbol of innovation, enlivening a community with artistic ideas, education, and an introduction to the potential of green and renewable energy. The project also brings international artists to the neighborhood, exposing residents of urban Detroit to creatives and art groups from around the world. For the first installation of Power House, Design 99 chose Fonds BKVB to partner with. Artist Erik Jutten from Rotterdam was chosen to create the first installation in the house.

Along with Design 99, the artist helped to rehabilitate the abandoned home, from reshingling the roof, to painting a construction digger to match the pastel stripes of the façade. The team also installed solar panels on the roof, and wind turbines to harness wind power. Combined, they collect enough energy to fuel Power House, as well as the adjacent home next door. Both self-sufficient and a power source, Power House is truly an urban construction project that looks to the future.

Aside from infusing art and green technology into these forgotten neighborhoods of Detroit, they will also serve as a hub for education. The pilot program will explore community education, as well as attract both media and visitors to the area.

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