Calling all green graphic designers!

Did you know you can’t recycle bioplastics? A single bioplastic container thrown in a batch of recycled PET will ruin the whole batch and make it non recyclable. There is a lot of confusion amongst consumers as to what bioplastic is and how to dispose of it properly — with this in mind, Cereplast, Inc. just launched a design competition that offers you the opportunity to “make your mark” on a new generation of green products made from bioplastics. They’re looking for a symbol that can be stamped onto products to show that they are made from green, bio-based materials, and they’re offering $25,000 to one grand prize winner – so enter today!

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Bioplastics are a new generation of plastics made from renewable, raw materials — such as cornstarch, vegetable oil, or pea starch. The new bioplastics symbol chosen through the Cereplast nationwide design competition will signify for consumers that a product has been made from bio-based materials. Gary Anderson‘s well-known recycling symbol was chosen in a similar design competition in 1970. Anderson and industrial designer Karim Rashid are among the renowned judges on the panel, and they will announce the revolutionary design on the eve of Earth Day 2011.

Click the above video to hear more about the contest, and submit your symbols to the Contest by March 4, 2011 for the chance to win $25,000 and truly “Make Your Mark”!

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