In the wake of the recent hurricane, the significance of disaster management products is increasing steadily, and we are glad to see that young designers are already channeling their endeavors in that direction. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Asnate Bockis brings us two lifesaving products as a part of her project ‘Floating Among Clouds’; a system created to adapt to a waterlogged environment and aid survival in times of floods.

One of the products is an urban street seating called ‘Trapp’. In happier times, it acts as a casual public bench, but in the case of a flood, it will float upwards, positioned vertically, to become a mini island refuge. The other product, ‘Cloud’, is another piece of floating furniture, but for a domestic setting. Cloud can be transformed from a soft sofa to a boat, complete with rudder for balance.

We really hope to see similar products from upcoming designers, especially considering the unforeseen consequences of climate change. To quote the designer, “After all, it pays to be prepared.”

+ Asnate Bockis