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Dedicated to “deliver[ing] bespoke Italian design around the world,” Design-Apart brings together Italy’s top designers and manufacturers to collaborate on these made-to-measure works of art. These “objects of uncommon beauty” blend ancient Italian workmanship and styles with advanced technologies such as 3D printing. To show off the functional as well as aesthetic aspects of these works, Design-Apart set up a “living showroom” in an actual loft in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

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The lighting collection include four different designs: botany-inspired Afillia created by Alessandro Zambelli; Voltaire designed by Gio Tirotto and Stefano Rigolli and named after the French enlightenment writer; and Rhizaria and Biophilia, both inspired by living organisms and designed by Lanzavecchia and Wai. The lighting series consists of table lamps, pendant lights, and hanging lamps.

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Images via Susan Grant Lewin Associates

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