There is something intrinsically pleasing about experiencing natural fibers in the form of good design. When this happens within a fair trade setting, the mix of aesthetics, function, environmental and social awareness is an irresistible draw for those with an eye on sustainability. That’s why we’re intrigued by “Design Beyond the Borders of Development” from SUDesign, a collaborative of academics, architects, designers and artisans from around the globe. The results are some great home products made beautifully and sustainably (environmentally and socially).

Design Beyond The Borders of Development, University of the Republic of San Marino, University of Venice, Bangladesh, Vietnam, fair trade, artisans, dbbd_7.jpg

The project mixes modern and traditional design into over 100 stunning, functional pieces for the home. Industrial Design students from the University of the Republic of San Marino and the University of Venice approach possibilities in natural materials, like bamboo, with insight from craftspeople in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Shapes are driven by the technical capacity of the materials and often derived from original natural forms. The collaborative effort between the design students and the artisans yields work that is fresh, innovative, functional, fun, and has sustainability in mind.


Via MoCo Loco