Have you ever sat on a milk container? The innovative Australian design team at Design By Them have made this possible! Apart from designing one very funky minimalist piece of furniture named the Butter Stool and Butter Bench, they have also done so using post consumer waste derived almost entirely from recycled plastic milk containers!

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Both the Butter Stool and Bench are available in nine different colors, allowing you to mix and match to meet your décor. They are versatile too – suited for both indoor and outdoor use, they can be stacked or flat-packed for easy storage.  They are also designed to last, as they are UV and water resistant . Who knew the humble milk container could have such an extended life?!

Designers Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson are clearly forward thinkers when it comes to sustainable product design.  In addition to product design and consultancy, they both tutor in eco design at the University of Technology in Sydney, teaching the designers of tomorrow how to consider the environmental impact of all products they produce.

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