Simple Lighting Upgrades for Retail Businesses

Updating the lighting in your restaurant, bar or other retail establishment doesn’t have to be complicated. RGB LED lighting products offer full-color customization and a simple do-it-yourself application for the average business owner. This article will walk through how Café V, a business in Berkeley, California transformed their entire space with just a few lighting upgrades from Elemental LED.

Accent Lighting

The owner of Café V added dynamic, eye-catching accent lighting to the bar area by installing Color-Changing LED Strip Lights under the bar. The strip is densely packed with full-color RGB chips, offering bright, even illumination across the entire perimeter of the bar. The strip light’s extremely slim and low profile form wedged into the tight space under the bar, for a discreet and seamless finish. Application of the strip is quick and easy with the 3M adhesive backing, and it can be easily cut to a customizable length with a scissors.

The lights under the bar are commanded via an Inline Remote Color Controller. This tiny RGB controller integrates seamlessly and discreetly into the wiring of the strip lights. The owners can choose from 20 different colors, 19 modes, as well as control brightness and speed via the remote control. Customers are wowed by the impact these lights make.

Ambient Lighting

The pre-existing globe ceiling fixtures provided an excellent opportunity for creating ambient lighting throughout the entire space. The owner of Café V replaced the existing incandescent bulbs inside these globes with Remote Control RGB LED Light Bulbs. These bulbs are as easy to use as the previous bulbs, featuring a standard screw-in base. But they pack a lot of additional features, including 16 color options, four color-changing modes and four brightness levels. This means Café V owners can set the mood of the entire space for any event, holiday or season by simply pressing a button to change the color of their lights.

Transform a Space with Color

When the accent lighting at the bar and the ambient lighting from the globe fixtures are used together, the owners of Café V create a complete color palette that can be customized for every occasion. The two sets of lights create a big color impact without the permanent investment of painting.

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