The Swedish Interactive Institute has been working on a project to redesign everyday items (lamps, tiles, window shades) in order to increase awareness of how energy is being used.

The STATIC! project has two goals: to increase awareness of energy use and thereby stimulate changes in user’s consumption. Its about time someone has got on this! (and of course its the Swedes…) I’ve always believed that one of the biggest hurdles in encouraging energy conservation is simply lack of awareness. I know I would take less time in the shower and turn my lights off more often, if I had some STATIC! products to serve as a constant reminder to be to be more energy conscious.

The Flower Lamp (shown above)

The form of the Flower Lamp reflects the energy used. It “blooms” when energy consumption in a household has been low for some time. In order to make the lamp come to life, a change in behaviour is needed.
Design for Increased Energy Awareness, LEED, Green Architecture, Sustainable
Disappearing Pattern Tiles

The Disappearing-Pattern bathroom tiles are decorated with patterns in a thermo-chromic ink that reacts to heat, fading away with prolonged hot-water use. With these tiles in your bathroom: the longer your shower, the less decoration on the wall.
Design for Increased Energy Awareness, LEED, Green Architecture, Sustainable
The Energy Curtain

The Energy Curtain is a window shade woven from a combination of textile, solar-collection and light-emitting materials. During the day, the shade can be drawn to the extent that people choose to collect sunlight and, during the evening, the collected energy is expressed as a glowing pattern on the inside of the shade. In this example, people make direct and tangible choices over how much energy to save and spend, and their choices are experienced as an aesthetic presence in their home that reflects the natural cycle of daily light.
Design for Increased Energy Awareness, LEED, Green Architecture, Sustainable
The Power-Aware Cord

Power strips are used on a daily basis in most homes as a means of ?transporting? energy to the products we use every day. The ?Power-Aware Cord? is a re-designed electrical power strip in which the cord is designed to visualize the energy rather than hiding it. The current use of electricity is represented through glowing pulses, flow, and intensity of light. Expressing the presence of energy through light can inspire people to explore and reflect upon the energy consumption of electrical devices in their home.

STATIC! is part of Sweden?s 2005 Design Year, which is organised by Svensk Form and the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design (SVID) commissioned by the Swedish government with the objective to make Swedes the “best design users in the world”. (!?!) Isn’t it already common knowledge that Sweden is the land of good design? Maybe they are trying to beat out the Danes.

Via Worldchanging