All vehicles are not created equal – you wouldn’t take a sports car off-roading, or use a sedan as a food-truck. It’s important to choose the right vehicle for the job, although we usually just have to pick from what the manufacturers give us. That’s not the case with the adorable electric vehicles offered by a Dutch company called Tuk Tuk Factory. The company specializes in three-wheeled, electric-powered versions of the traditional tuk tuk, and it recently launched a handy web tool that allows anyone to build their own e-Tuk with customized colors and features.

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By navigating to, those interested in purchasing one of these electric vehicles can mix and match interior and exterior options, exploring the features and colors that are right for their needs.

First, choose one of the four model options offered–Classico, Limo, Cargo, or Vendo (an EV configured for a mobile business). Next, choose from a selection of vibrant colors to give your e-Tuk some personality–all the way down to the individual body panels! Finally, customize it with options for drivetrain, charging connections and station, interior comfort, and service and maintenance, before getting your official quote from the Tuk Tuk Factory.

“We literally put our customers in the driver seat where the design of their e-Tuk is concerned” says Roland Vos, director of Tuk Tuk Factory. “It’s these customers that play a leading role in the development of our fun flavoured vehicles. Experience has taught us that people have an even greater affection for our e-Tuks if they can tailor-make them to match their specific wishes. So instead of implementing product-standardization, we decided to embrace the diversity and to design a complete new website for it.”

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