Social design organizerion Design 21 recently launched an inspiring bicycle-focused design competition called Power to the Pedal. The challenge is to design a biking accessory or add-on for existing bikes that will improve the bicycling experience and encourage more people to make biking their primary means of transport – more convenient, more enjoyable, safer and more integrated into daily lifestyles – whether it’s for commuting, working, shopping, transporting, leisure or all of the above.

We are aware that the push for bicycle use is gaining global relevance, and, as D21 explains, “not just as a leisure activity, but as a solution to a range of problems like pollution, congestion, rising gas prices and issues surrounding community health.” In urban areas around the world, advocacy groups are staking a claim for bicycles and educating the public about the benefits of biking as a means of transport, fitness and fun. Cycling is great exercise, its good for the environment, and is the most energy-efficient form of transportation known to man. So if you are a bike fan, check out this fun design competition, and maybe you could even win a cash prize!

DEADLINE: Wednesday April 30, 2008 at 11:58PM UTC.


1st prize: $5000
2nd prize: $3000
3rd prize: $1500
Most Popular prize: $500


Overall effectiveness: How well does the solution provide an answer to the design problem?
Creativity: How innovative and cost-effective is the thinking behind the design?
Practicality: How successfully can the design be produced or put into practice? Can it be adapted for local production? Does it add to the safety of the cyclist, too?
Aesthetics: How strong is the design in terms of overall form and presentation?
Ecology: How well does the design respond to environmental concerns through considerations such as choice of materials, production techniques, life-span, upgrade, durability, weight, recycle, or re-use factors?

The competition jury includes Wendy Brawer (USA) , Emiliano Godoy (Mexico) and Jens Martin Skibsted (Denmark) of Biomega.

+ D21: Power to the Pedal