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Art, Essay, and Advocacy Ocean Awareness Student ContestJune 15th, 2014

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Did you know that plastics account for 80% of all ocean pollution? This is one of the most pressing challenges facing the ocean. Plastics pose a huge threat to the ocean ecosystem because they do not biodegrade. Instead, they continue to break into smaller and smaller pieces, which litter the ocean and its beaches.

For this year’s contest, we want you to explore the major questions surrounding ocean plastic pollution. Why is there so much plastic in our oceans? Where does it come from? How does it affect ocean animals and ecosystems? Is this a problem worthy of international attention? Are there alternatives to plastic that could help alleviate the ongoing problem of ocean pollution? How does our “throwaway culture” impact the amount of plastic in our oceans?

The contest challenges you to pick the discipline in which you can best relate your thoughts on plastic pollution. Can you create artwork that sends an important message about the Ocean and Plastics Pollution? Our ART option may be right up your alley. Do you like to research and write? Our ESSAY option is for you! Are you into educating the public or rallying community support for the ocean? Our ADVOCACY option allows you to do just that.

We would like for you to consider not only the impacts of plastic pollution on the oceans, but also the origin of the pollution. Think about the way that your family lives and works and how that leads to more or less pollution. Consider the big picture and what changes you can make in your home to lessen the effects of this problem.

It is easy to get trapped in our insular worlds and only consider our homes to be the four walls that surround us. In reality, our homes extend far beyond that. We have to think critically about our decisions and ensure that we are protecting not only our personal property, but also the property that belongs to everyone. We have to consider the lasting effects of throwing plastic away and protect our oceans by finding the safest method of disposal. We challenge you to begin a discussion on ocean plastic pollution and help us inform others of this pressing problem.

June 15th, 2014

June 15th, 2014



$1,500 for you and your school!


Please find a complete list of guidelines with detailed directions for saving and submitted work on our website:

Basic Rules

The contest runs through June 15, 2014, and is open to students who are in grades 9 through 12 as of September 2013. An individual or group (ranging from two people to an entire class of students) may submit work. When submitting the work, please detail the names of all students who participated. If a group entry wins, the prize will be divided amongst all group members. From the Bow Seat reserves the right to use your work in our social media outlets.

All students must first register online. Submissions will NOT be accepted without registration. After registering, students should send ONE email with both their work (saved as a .jpg file) and statement (saved as a Microsoft Word document) to [email protected]

For Individuals: Please use the following format for your file names and email subject line: ART/ESSAY/ADVOCACY-MMDDYY-LASTNAME

For example, an art submission from Bill Smith on January 22, 2014, should have "ART-012214-SMITH" in the email subject line and "ART-012214-SMITH.jpg" and "ART-012214-SMITH.doc" as the file names.

For Groups: Please use the following format for your file names and email subject line: ART/ESSAY/ADVOCACY-MMDDYY-GROUPNAME

For example, an art submission from a group called "Plastics Patrol" on January 22, 2014, should have "ART-012214-PLASTICSPATROL" in the email subject line and "ART-012214-PLASTICSPATROL.jpg" and "ART-012214-PLASTICSPATROL.doc" as the file names. The names of all group members should be included in the artist statement.

If you have any questions on our submission guidelines, send us an email at [email protected]!