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Baltic Thermal Pool Park – Architecture Vision CompetitionJune 12th, 2014

Homemade Dessert in cooperation with Liepaja City Council, Latvia ask you to present the vision for a new development that would consist of thermal pool park with outdoor and indoor SPA facilities.

Efforts to restore Liepaja as a resort city have been revived in the new millennium. The wide beaches here attract visitors seeking recreation in the waterside cafés and bars, and nature lovers seeking peace on the coast. The unique natural healing resources available here call for the development of a new resort and health tourism amenities.

Recently in Liepaja, a series of excavations accessed underground thermal springs with high mineral and salt concentrated waters. These naturally formed springs are very rare and in high demand. The thermal waters’ high concentrations of minerals and salt can be used to improve overall wellness. The health benefits of such springs are well documented and can be used as medicinal treatment to target and treat specific diseases. In order to provide continued use to both locals and tourists with the benefits of the natural springs, careful management of the resource is required.

As the second competition in a design series focused on Liepaja Seaside Park – a historically exclusive retreat area in Liepaja, Latvia we ask you to present the vision for the building complex which would allow locals and tourists to enjoy the natural benefits of the fresh seaside air and thermal water, while providing high-quality spa and recreational services throughout the entire year. The proposal should trigger development in the area and propel Liepaja’s rebirth as a regional tourist attraction.

Following information is available for download on

– competition brief:

general competition information
introduction to context
required area schedule
site and building restrictions
submission requirements
presentation layout and contents

– site and context plan (CAD)

June 12th, 2014

July 10th, 2014



1st prize - US$ 6000 2nd prize - US$ 3000 3rd prize - US$ 1000 + 6 honourable mentions The winners and honorable mentions will be presented in exhibition in Liepaja City. The winners will be featured in international industry related media.


Competition is open for all. No professional qualification is required. One proposal per registration. Participants are entitled to register multiple times, to participate in the competition with several proposals. Registration: US$ 120. Late Registration: US$ 140.


Competition jury consists of two jury committees: Core jury committee: Uldis Sesks, Liepaja City Mayor, Latvia Jurijs Hadarovičs, Liepaja City Deputy Chairman, Latvia Indulis Kalns, Liepaja City Head Architect, Latvia Krists Karklins, lecturer, School of Architecture, Wentworth Institute of Technology, USA Consultative jury committee: Allison Schwartz, MA Architects, USA Audrey McKee, Renzo Piano, France Gemawang Swaribathoro, OMA, Hong Kong Simon McGown, Morphosis Architects, USA John Simons, KPF, USA and more