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Call For Ideas: Transform the World’s Biggest Nuclear Submarine into a Peaceful Architectural ProjectAugust 24th, 2014

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matterbetter has launched an open-ideas competition to transform the world’s biggest nuclear submarine into a peaceful and sustainable architectural object. A relic and icon of the Cold War, the 575 foot long Russian Typhoon-Class submarine was built at the height of the war in the 1980s. Hoping to transform the world into a more peaceful and friendly place, matterbetter and the original designers of the submarines invite architects and designers to explore the vessels’ architecture potential for reuse. The designs will be judged on factors such as creativity, functionality, and clarity of design. Students and professionals alike are invited to participate for over $8,000 in cash prizes. The registration deadline is August 24 with an early bird registration deadline of June 30. The winner will be announced on September 15, 2014.

August 24th, 2014

August 30th, 2014



First place winner: £2,400 Second place winner: £1,600 Third place winner: £800


Registration fee required. 1xA1 poster in PDF + 600 words statement. See link for more details.


Tom Milavec (US), associate architect at Gensler; Thijs Asselbergs (NL), chairman of the Architectural Engineering, TU Delft; Ercu Gorgul (CN), associate professor, Tongji University, former SOM; Cristina Cassandra Murphy (US), owner XCOOP, former OMA; Andrea Bertassi (IT), owner XCOOP, former OMA; Theo Hauben (NL), owner & researcher HAU; Marieke Rietbergen (NL), owner Design Innovation Group; Daria Polozkova (NL), ART GLOBE founder, Mir-Expo art-director.