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Carbon XPRIZE Contest offers $20 million prize for technology that converts CO2 into salable goodsJune 1st, 2016

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The Carbon XPRIZE Contest and its offer of a $20 million prize is poised to take us much closer to a zero-emission future. The competition challenges teams from around the world to create technologies that convert mass amounts of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels into one or more products with the highest net value. Possible products include, but are not limited to, alternative cement, low-carbon transportation fuels, and more. The 54-month competition comprises two competition tracks to choose from. The first submission deadline is in June 2016.

June 1st, 2016

June 1st, 2016



A total of $20 million in prize purses will be awarded as follows:

In Round 2, a $2.5 million milestone purse will be shared equally among up to five finalists in each track.

In Round 3, a $7.5 million Grand Prize purse will be awarded to the winner in each track.