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Design a Cool Garden for Canada’s hot summers to win $10,000December 21st, 2016

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Cool Gardens has kicked off its fifth annual international competition seeking contemporary garden and art installation designs that offer a cooling sensation in the hot summer months in Winnipeg and Brandon, Canada. Mirroring Winnipeg’s Warming Huts competition, Cool Gardens seeks a installations that provide respite from the summer heat. The temporary site-specific installations will be mostly in Winnipeg with one satellite site in Brandon. Open to designers of all backgrounds, the call for entries seeks creative proposals that prompt creasy, play, and appreciation of urban spaces by highlighting the significance of nature, art, and design. The winners will receive $10,000 CAD towards the construction of the gardens. The registration deadline is December 21, 2016 and the deadline for submissions is January 15, 2017.

December 21st, 2016

January 15th, 2017



$10,000 towards building your Cool Garden


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Alexandra Keim [ Artistic Director, La Maison des Artistes ]

Jae-Sung Chon [ Owner, MAKE / Coffee + Stuff; Instructor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba ]

Paul Jordan [ President & CEO, The Forks North Portage Partnership ]

Peter Hargraves [ Curator, Warming Huts; Principal, Sputnik Architecture ]

Suzy Melo [ Landscape Architect, FT3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design; Co-curator, BENCHmark ]