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Design a cultural space for San Francisco for a shot at over €6000April 13th, 2018

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San Francisco is home to countless cultural and historical gems, and arquideas want your proposals for the city’s next great cultural hub. Open to architecture students and young architects, Bay Book House (BaBH) San Francisco is soliciting ideas for a space for cultural exchange on one of the unused piers in the historic Port of San Francisco. The space should be thought of as “the future of traditional libraries” and international meeting point. Late registration ends April 13, 2018 and the deadline for submissions is April 27, 2018.

April 13th, 2018

April 27th, 2018



€ 6.375 in prizes + free subscriptions


This competition is open to international undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduate of architecture or related degrees, individually or in teams made up of a maximum of four members. Recent graduate means a person graduated within the two years before the competition launching, this is, all graduated in 2016 or later.

Each participating team will submit a single panel a Din-A1format in vertical disposition, where the ideas of the project take shape.

The proposals should be uploaded through the webpage before the deadline of the competition shown on the Terms & Conditions.


Kim Herforth Nielsen - Co-founder and Principal of 3XN Architects

Masahiro Harada - Co-founder of MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO

Ada Yvars - Principal of Mangera Yvars Architects

Sara de Giles - Principal of MGM Morales de Giles Arquitectos

Vanessa Vielma - Director of ArchDaily Mexico

Manuel J. Feo- Professor at ETSA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Diego Botella, Álvaro Jiménez, Omar Páez & Yacme Mangrané- Winner team of MoAN Egypt competition