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Design architecture that reacts to social needs for a shot at $5,000November 1st, 2016

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Architecture shouldn’t work in a vacuum—the best examples of successful architecture functions like a living organism, responding and adapting to external stimuli. In a bid for more “architecture that reacts,” Laka Architektura launched the 2016 Laka Competition open to designers from around the world. Proposals should offer an architectural solution to a properly indicated architectural, social, or environmental issue. A total prize pool of $5,000USD will be distributed among the top three winners. The deadline for both late registration and project submission is November 1, 2016.

November 1st, 2016

November 1st, 2016



1st PRIZE: 2500 USD 2nd PRIZE: 1500 USD 3rd PRIZE: 1000 USD


Participants are free to decide about the location of the project, its scale, size and the program. Listed below are 3 highlighted issues that the jury will pay attention to during judging: 1) a properly indicated architectural, social or environmental issue to solve 2) an accurate analysis of the selected issue 3) a properly chosen architectural solution that “reacts” and solves the indicated issue Listed below are some issues that explain the concept of “Architecture that Reacts”: an ability to response for social, economic, environmental changes |a level of social and environmental engagement of the design | a relation with a specific social, natural and built context | a level of flexibility and adaptability of the design |an innovative use of technology and sustainable systems |a level of self-sufficiency of the design.


Jury 2016: Qun Dang (Architect, Principal Partner at MAD Architects) Ana María Gutiérrez (Architect, Co-founder of Fundación Organizmo, Ashoka Fellow) Peter Kuczia (IARP and BAK Architect, author of CO2 Saver House) Julien De Smedt (Architect, Founder of JDS Architects) Arturo Vittori (Architect, Co-founder of Warka Water NGO, Director of A&V) Nathalie de Vries (Architect, Urban Planner, Co-founder of MVRDV) Tobias Wallisser (Architect, Co-Founder of LAVA Laboratory For Visionary Architecture)