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Design Brno’s new rail station for a shot at $200,000December 18th, 2015

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Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, has launched an international two-round competition for the design of the city’s new rail station. Open to architects, urban planners, and other field experts around the world, the competition seeks a rail station design that can sustainably catalyze the development of a new neighborhood. “Its goal is to find a solution that will be adaptable, sustainable, and of high quality, equally in terms of its architecture, urban plan and transport accessibility, and will lead to the creation of a valid and integral part of a modern European city,” write the organizers. A prize pool of 5,000,000 CZK will be distributed among the three best designs. The deadline for first round submissions is December 18, 2015.

December 18th, 2015

December 18th, 2015



Prizes will be awarded to the three best designs. Financial compensation is set at 1,800,000 CZK for first prize, 1,200,000 CZK for second prize, and 750,000 CZK for third prize. For those designs that succeed in proceeding to the second round but do not receive any prize, it is planned to divide a total sum of 1,250,000 CZK among all participants.


See website for details.


Together with representatives of the Brno city government, the designs will be judged by architects with extensive experience from practice and similar competitions. The chair of the jury is the German architect Roger Riewe, whose office designed, on the basis of its own competition victory, the main rail station in Innsbruck. Other members of the jury include Silja Tillner from Austria, whose studio has been working for several years on the Viennese project Urbion, an extensive urban revitalisation closely linked to railways and the legacy of Otto Wagner. From abroad, the other jurors consist of Sándor Finta, the chief architect of the city of Budapest, and Jiří Oplatek, a Brno-born architect working in Basle, Switzerland.

In addition, the expert section of the jury is formed by the second deputy chair, Ivan Plicka – chair of the Czech Chamber of Architects, Jan Pavlíček – transport engineer, Jaroslav Wertig from the Prague studio A69 architekti, representative of the younger generation of Brno architects Ondřej Chybík from the atelier Chybik+Kristof, leading Czech architectural historian and theoretician Vladimír Šlapeta and Ivan Lejčar from the studio Alej – author of the study ‘Station in the Centre’.

Involved jurors are the Mayor of Brno, Petr Vokřál (party affiliation: ANO), who was elected the first deputy chair of the jury, along with deputy mayors Martin Ander (Green Party) and Matěj Hollan (Living Brno) and council member and deputy district mayor of Brno-North, Petr Hladík (Christian Democrat). Completing the jury are two other council members, Jana Drápalová (Green Party) and Petr Bořecký (ANO).